Saturday, February 18, 2006

Hola E veryone

Well I keep disappearing for long spurts of time. This house selling and house building thing on top of looking for a job is driving me CRAZY. I might have the new job thing taken care of after rejecting 3 previous jobs I almost took. The new house is now going to be done between end of July and mid August now. Thats sort of a problem for me. I wanted to have the money we have invested sit longer but now i'm going to miss a few months (my new CD is at 4.26%). Also means we will have to move in the SUMMER, who in Arizona wants to move in the summer? "not I said the Cat". Also we have not sold the old house or even had an offer.

Oh, and my Fortieth is coming up fast. REAL FAST, I can't wait!! I don't know if we are doing anything but I wanted to go on a cruise, but the one I wanted when I looked it up last year was totally full. So, i'll just wait and go on that same cruise next year. or, maybe when i'm 50.

I'll try and keep up this time. I have some great articles I like sharing, or maybe i'll just make fun of our leaders, well and everyone elses.