Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Horrible family GUILT

Well I spent most of this morning so happy to have our house back to just our little family. My Mom and her husband left this morning for San Antonio. It was nice they spent a week here because usually they only stay 2 or 3 days at most and this way they could spend time with Sabrina. Well Low and behold I was surprised to find that they annoy me. A LOT. Even though my Mom and I had a discussion about giving unwanted advice 2 weeks before Sabrina was born, the first thing she did when she got here was give advice make faces at things we were doing and had the attitude you see a lot of "you're two guys, what do YOU know about taking care of a baby". I kinda think everyone was like that at first but Bobby's sisters were really nice saying they think we have done a great job so far. (well she is only 5 weeks old, we have LOTS of time to (f) up. It's nice when it's just us, the boys quiet house, no putting on a tolerant face when someone is driving you bonkers. I guess that is what we do for family, we tolerate the things about them that annoying us and would otherwise make us leave the presence of this person. We just put up with it cause they are family, and we love them. Unconditionally. Which I think is the hard part. Still we are lucky our families get along so well and do not have some hidden grudge. Lots of times the in-laws DO NOT jibe together well at all. Well back to work for me for a few days wed - fri. I can't wait to talk about how this goes. It's been 5 weeks since I've worked a full day in the office. Should be fun, I think I'll probably fall asleep.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Sabrina's First Party

Sabrina's first party went off without a hitch. We had almost 40 guest. Some no shows that I am really surprised about, you know good old friends. We had a wonderful time, the Grandparents were so happy. They GOT ALONG, which they always do. All of our friends got along with everyone, and the nieces and nephews were wild and crazy as usual, but good. It was just so nice to see everyone all at once, Especially Chuck and Jim, I just love those guys, they are so great. Chris came by with Kaitlyn (they adopted just before from CA. also. She got tons of attention with those BIG blue eyes of hers. I really REALLY do hope we decide to have 1 more. I know it's a long long process, and the infant stage is rough on you, but I could not be more happy. I can't wait till my Mom is gone and we start getting less visitors to see Sabrina and it's just US, just our Lil Family. We have so much fun when it's just US. My Mom and her husband leave tomorrow. I can't wait, IF I have to listen to ANY more Grandmother advice I am gonna kill myself! Between the 2 Grannies they are DRIVING US UP THE WALL. But they are both so in LOVE with Sabrina it makes it worth while to put up with it. It's nice how the WHOLE family both sides just fawn over her and she gets more gifts than any kid so far, she's stock piling I think. Number 2 hurry home. Gregg...

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Almost ONE Month Old

I took Sabrina in for a Dr's appointment today. The Doctor was really nice, she and her husband are trying to adopt as well which was cool. (I bet know some friggin homos beat her to the punch did NOT make her happy. They have been trying for about a year. I'm sure she'll have one soon, she's a friggin Doc. I'd give Bobby to a Doctor family if someone wanted him.

Sabrina's visit went well, Here are her Stats Now: height 21.5 inches, weight 9"7.2 oz. She is doing very well and the Doc was very pleased. I cannot wait till her next visit (which isn't for 2 months).


Saturday, May 09, 2009

I can't believe She is ONLY 3 weeks old, Yes, tonight at 11:15 Sabrina will be officially 3 weeks old. It FEELs like she 2months. I feel like we've had her forever, it's weird to try and explain. It's nice because Bobby has to pretty much watch her all weekend since i'm here M - F watching her day and night, I got to go to the gym today, to read, to surf the internet, to do NOTHING but Stare at a WALL. I did not sleep in like I planned, 6:08 and I was up. Got her just as she was waking, played for a bit she got fussy (as she always does, when she is ready to eat) fed her gave some kisses put her back to bed. Went downstairs, set up Guitar Hero World Tour (yes, I won An Xbox elite Resident Evil edition , and Guitar Hero world Tour from work). So now I am going to sell my Xbox elite even though it has a larger hard drive, Mine has 160, this one has 120. Not like I pay it that friggin often. Once a week maybe. I think the Kid next door will be coming over more to play it than we do. Which is cool. We have had a fun week of people dropping by to see Sabrina, I can't wait till it just dies down and all that stops. We are having her coming home party on the 23rd since my Mom and her husband will be here then and that should do it. Everyone says "oh yeah they all want to see the new baby but after a month or so it just dies down or away. Good, be the away part. It's tiring. Plus, Ms Sabrina has been REALLY fussy the past 2 days. She prefers to be held about 90% of the day, and that is kinda hard to do, so Bobby experienced that today as I did yesterday and when I came home from the gym he had that I'm so exhausted look. I thought, thats my everyday lately. It's ALL so worth it too. G....

Thursday, May 07, 2009

OH SO Tired

I am so darn tired. I wish I could blame it all on Sabrina, but, I can't. She's a good baby, last night she only woke once, I fed her then changed her and she stayed down till this morning. I don't know if it's trying to work, take care of her, the house, Bobby and also entertain when visitors come over, or what. Maybe I need to stop thinking I'm gonna be this super dad, (at my age). I know I have a problem of waking up and just starring at the baby monitor often during the night. I get worried, A LOT. I am trying so HARD not to be THAT parent, but as I type and look at the Monitor now to my left I don't know, I think I'm gonna be this way for a bit. By the way, these monitors these days ROCK! I remember when the audio ones came out and my nephew was born, they were ok. This thing has a great picture, and awesome sound. With the volume at a third of the way up I can hear dogs down the street bark, and her window is CLOSED. it is so cool. My Mom will be here the 18th - 26th. Oh what fun that will be. Generally they stay here ONE day, maybe 2. I think stayed 3.5 days on their last visit and it was SO Darn BORING. Her Husband did not want to do anything but sit around the house and pretty much scoff at our meager lifestyle ( I guess his daughter and her husband have a 7k sq ft house... ooohhh excuse us!) but he seems excited about Sabrina being born, I honestly thought he and my Mom would throw HOLY water on us when we told everyone about we were going to adopt. They are very Bible Belt religious. I know this will be interesting, I'm already staving off peoples advice, when they see us with her they go "oh WOW, you guys to GREAT with her". I really think it's the whole, You two are guys, you're not to bright and know NOTHING about babies, which you can tell people think that but just do not say it. OH well. Two of Bobby's sisters came over for lunch to see Sabrina for the first time this Past Tuesday. They were shoked because I made a pretty nice sized lunch, plus a special tea, dessert, house was clean, and I started of the morning working like I usually do. They were both so nice saying I was handling everything better than they had the first time around. That was good to hear. I hope we can keep up the good work.