Monday, October 19, 2009

Sabrina kicks some BUTT!!

Six Month Dr. Visit and going STRONG!

We had a really good Dr's visit. The cool thing is her Dr. has been trying to adopt and just adopted a 1 yr old. I can see the same happiness and completeness in her face that I think we had. She just seems so much happier now after waiting so long. I myself cannot wait till we start on the second kid. I am so happy with Sabrina and know the second process will not probably be as easy, and the second kid probably will not be as easy either, but I know in my heart that 2 is what works for me. (the Doctor was also telling me she can't wait for a second).
So, on to the news. She is 18#'s 1.6oz and 26.5. so she is in the 90% for weight for her age group and 75% for height. She is totally on schedule or ahead with everything from sitting up on her own, rolling over, holding things (yes she even holds her own bottle now, she has been for a while actually). She is getting more solids. I introduced a apple and pear mix with a dash of fresh cinnamon, and broccoli and sweat potato. She liked both so this week we will go to something else new. I keep her on each for a week to see if she has any reactions, so far nothing. Luckily the book I get her recipes from tells you what foods you can freeze so on those I just make a HUGE patch and freeze for later days. I am going to try and make sure I keep with making her foods and not going to the store brands, not even the Organic are THAT great. A little patience and love goes a long way. This is my BIG wish for her. To always eat healthy. Now to just work on her Daddy. He needs some work, well it's not that he eats so unhealthy he snacks, A LOT at night LATE NIGHT. Not good for you. I've got some work I need to do also. I'm getting really lazy with the gym and making Sabrina my excuse. I've been going on Saturdays and Sundays but not much through the week. Gotta get over it and keep going. She's still out of daycare my 5pm if I go and it's usually only once or twice a week. Well on Fridays I can go before work, If I can get my butt out of bed by 5:15. I'll keep track on how I'm doing. Waiting for Bobby so I can go to the store. I joined a lunch group at work and we bring a lunch for everyone on a rotating schedule for Tues. and Thurs. and this Thursday is my first day. There are only 10 of us in this group but as I was told, I was asked to be in the group cause they knew it would be something GOOD. What pressure! I'm thinking Lasagna with this salad I make of spinach and cantaloupe, honey dew melon, watermelon, and a balsamic vinaigrette, but I add arugula also for a little BITE. it's really good.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Still Not Feeling Well

Well going into week TEN of being sick and I think I might better go to the doc soon. Or Sooner or Later. Sabrina was doing well and she is getting sick again it seems. Bobby sick still poor thing, plus he's been having these weird leg pains. Poor baby. I'd be happy enough to get rid of the constant headaches, the no sleeping and now, I've lost my appetite. I last ate lunch yesterday and am no longer hungry.

My Big Bro has swine flu, now my nephew Zachary has it and his sister is in the hospital sick with the flu. Oh the stress.