Sunday, September 11, 2011

I'm Just SO Lazy

I never post any more. I am so lazy most days I just don't do much. Cook dinner, the most minimal amount of cleaning I can get by with and sitting around being SO darn tired I don't know how I don't drop over dead. I have been so restless lately, I cannot sleep at all. I switched from Ambien cr to Lunesta and the Lunesta does nothing. Does not even make me tired. Just nothing. So, not sure what I'm going to do when the baby comes, Luckily I'm sure that will not be until sometime next year. Hopefully February. We will be sitting good by then.
I think I'm just overly anxious, have been for decades.  As a teen I never slept maybe an hour or 2 a night usually nothing my 20's I could do about 5 hours a night.  My late 20's I never slept, I'd go out stay out all night, then not sleep go to work come home take a short nap go to the gym and keep partying.  (that is what your 20's are for folks)  I thought a kid would wear me out SO much i'd sleep every night, not the case.  We will see what 2 do.

Oh well life is good.  Enjoy the pic of he pizza. That pizza was awesome.  I am getting more and more into making my own basic red sauce for spaghetti and for my lasagnas but I can never find a recipe I 100 % love.  If anyone knows of one or has one they do not mind sharing please..... Share.  I think the beginning of next year I am going to get a pasta attachment for my kitchen aid mixer and start making my own pasta.  I have been making our ground meat attachment lately for our burgers and our meatloafs and I have to say, OMG so fricken good.  I use a mix of a beef chuck, a pork tenderloin and lamb chops. It makes THE most delicious burgers, even if you don't have your own grinder buy the mix pre-ground and try it.  oh so juicy.