Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Been Away

Well I'm not doing a very good job on this BLOG lately. I have become increasingly lazy since my surgery and on top of that don't have much to really talk about. Yeah I am still way pissed about tons of things going on in the world today but just do not have the mental strength to cope or argue. Well okay, I do have some strength left.

Oh, I just got back from Pennsylvania for work. You couldn't pay me enough to move there. I kept expecting to be dragged into the woods kicking and screaming then lit on fire by some freaks. The people were actually very nice, and in Hershey where I was staying most folks were very nice except they were looking at me weird constantly. 1. For listening to loud Rock and Roll, 2. For walking around with only a short sleeve shirt in 30 - 48 degree weather 3. For telling them to stop starring it's impolite. What would you expect me to say.