Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tired Papa

Well we just had our last Social Worker visit for Sabrina. Now we just need to get to our court date in November and she's ours. We'll she is ours still but it will be official. We cannot wait, plus no more months of handing someone a huge check. Well not until we start the stuff for #2. We were so happy with our social worker, she was so gay friendly and today said she usually does not do anything in her paperwork but say yes or no this child is good in this home but for us she was writing up a recommendation on the fact that she thought Sabrina was doing so great and it seems we have done everything with her so well.
I cannot even believe to tell the barriers we had to get through, and to hear her say that was like "WHA!!" Bobby was so nervous in the beginning that I constantly got annoyed with him and took over duties with Sabrina that were his. He just always seemed like he thought he'd break her if he looked at her the wrong way, took me a while but i broke him of that, babies are far more flexible and resilient than most people think.
Well I hope we do a second, I'll be VERY happy if we do. If we do we will not start that process until around February of Next year, so might have a second my April or May 2011. I didn't really want to be 45 or 46 with a new born, but if I can do this I'll be fine. I have been up since 3:15am, I need sleep.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

I Thought This Rather Hilarious

We were talking about the 19.2 # baby that was recently born and I made a joke you could eat that big plump baby and someone found this Sears add online. I thought it was A W E S O M E !