Sunday, June 28, 2009

Long Week

Well last week was my first week actually off work. It was nice to be able to spend some real time with Sabrina, but it was also annoying. She is at a stage where she does not nap as often as she used to. She has been sleeping pretty good throughout the night for the most part. She had a rough day or two and last night she would not fall asleep despite only sleeping about 5 hours the whole day. She is a lil busy body, I think she likes to see whats going on, also when she is tired she is fighting sleep and does not like it if you try and put her down for a nap. She either wants you to carry her or she'll scream non stop. That was the not so fun part. It was reeking havoc on my back and she does really great in her rocker with the baby einstein videos, but if she is cranky that will not work, you have to walk her and tire her out then put the video in still holding her and moving back and forth, letting her see it the whole time then she gets really into it and you can slip her into the chair. The bad part is if you take her out too early she wakes back up and stays up, so you have to let her stay in the rocker asleep for almost an hour and sometimes over. Then if you put her in her crib she'll sleep a good hour to 3 hours depending on her mood.

It has been SO great watching her develop. Her eyes moving back and forth, she is so aware like I said watching those baby Einstein videos is the BEST. She totally gets into them, she also loves to be read to or for you to tell her a story since her Daddy makes up stories. She is almost at a point where she can roll over, that is going to be scary. I am now thinking about making a series of stories just for her using her name and I guess her as the main character. Kind of like those personalized stories you can buy with your kids name. Maybe that will be another project to keep me out of trouble. We will see how that goes I don't finish much of anything.

I have to admit I cannot WAIT to get back to work. Besides the fact that we got a new boss I met him ONCE, not good, but I miss working. My brain is not cut out to do nothing. I noticed one of the things I hear from Mothers all the time is that they love the times when they can talk to another adult. I noticed even when I was working I only talked to work via IM so no real conversation. I don't really talk baby talk to Sabrina, I feel like it's belittling . Well I do say some cutey things.

Saturday, June 06, 2009


Ripley and Chase,

Life Partners.....

Happy Birthday Ripley

Well Today is Ripley's 3rd birthday (aka, Ripley Ann-Margaret). I wanted to take this opportunity to say some nice things about my boy. Ripley has been with us since he was 6 weeks old. He has always been a good boy (he had a bit of a bad spell, about a month or two) But like most Labs he is loyal and fun. He is very protective of Sabrina, if someone comes over and picks her up he will box them in until they can't move then sit on their foot. Or, He sits in front of her rocking chair shen she's in it and watches her. It's funny everyone was worried but we knew labs and had no concerns, we actully make sure they know she is the ALPHA Mama. The boys always want to be around her and watch her constantly.

Ripley was born on 6/6/2006, YES 666. I used to dream he turned into some devil dog and ate us at night. He's too good for that, he's such a Daddy's boy. Today Bobby took them to Cosmo dog park for some swimming and funnin. They love that. Later today we are going to go get him a cake for his Birthday, we already have Frosty Paws for the 2 of them. I was going to make a cake for him, but I have too much to do today for a family event tomorrow and can't squeeze it in.

Oh well, Doesn't mean I do not love you Rippers, You are a wonderful boy and we are so HAPPY you are ours.

Happy Birthday Ripley Ann-Margaret Garland.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

How Do Parents Make These Choices...

The more I stay home with Sabrina the more I find it difficult to go back to work fulltime. I keep thinking about her at some "baby mill" and yes they might take good care of her and give her lots of attention, but I still think it's different. I would not mind so much if she was 2 or 3 or 6, HA. but now, when she is becoming more active and knowing us better and interacting with us more and more everyday. I just have a hard time thinking, We are going to drop her off somewhere at like 6am, then not see her again till 4 pm and of course she'll eat sleep and eat sleep so we will not see much of her except on the weekends. Me No LIKE! I love working, love my job and really do not want to quit, working from home is great, but I can tell they are starting to want me back, I get a message everyday, "hey, can you come in to work any day this week?" Umm NO we discussed this, unless you want me to bring my 6 week old daughter in. DUH. Well all the ladies would like it. She seems to be a Mother and Mother to be pleaser. Tough choices, we want that extra income so we can do things, get her college fund started, hopefully get her savings back in order, (yes she had a savings that pretty much ALL went towards her adoption, we'll get it back up within the year). I know Bobby has a hard time because I have mostly been with her and it's funny we go back and forth about who she likes most (like she really is at that stage yet, well I don't believe she is, I could be wrong.) I see him with her and she seems so calm and happy, and I sometimes think she's upset with me all the time. But I think as parents we see when they are upset, not happy, which she is pretty much a happy baby, she laughs SO MUCH now. It's so Awesome being a Parent. It's that dream I ALWAYS wanted and now, yes I want a second, LIKE NOW, not in a year, or months from now RIGHT NOW. I would be so happy if we had a second by this time next year. No later than October. We will see how it goes, Bobby is still Not 100 Percent on board with that plan and i want him to be happy. If there is a way to make this day care transition easier someone let me know, I don't think Prozac or Zoloft is the answer for me. G....