Thursday, July 17, 2008

Still Annoyed at Everything

Well it's been an annoying past few months. I am so sick and tired of work right now. QA is being treated like shit and
I am tired of dealing with it. We have been moved in with support as our new dept and out of dev, but we still sit in the Dev room. The dev guys kinda act a little different now and our old boss totally acts different. I hate this, its like we aren't even important to the company.

In other news. The adoption thing is really starting to piss me OFF. They were suppose to have our paperwork in like 4 weeks ago but we found it they still have not sent it in nor have they given us a reason why. I think some of the references have not sent their paperwork in. But hey, so what, it's not like family and friends are going to say anything bad about you, I wouldn't think. This is stressful and I am tired of it. I want to at least be on the books at the agency. I thought by end of August we would be but it' s looking more like end of September or October.

Other than that, nothings fine. Everything else sucks too, but that is ok. I can still be a happy camper.