Saturday, November 25, 2006

Last slip Up

Ok, I'll try to get more on track. Have really REALLY been busy. Started a new job doing QA work. The cat was getting sick again and I've been trying to take care of him the past couple of weeks. Poor thing, he passed away yesterday afternoon. The only cat I ever loved or liked even. Such a good friend he was, he was an old guy and we should feel lucky (19).

But we need to get back to fitness. I want to post a few more healthy meals and even desserts, plus go over some things to keep people fit through out the holiday season. I doesn't take a lot of time to stay fit so just doing a small work out, working out at your desk, walking on your lunch walking your dog every night. There are many ways to help ward off that seasonal fat that lots of us gain every year. It really is funny to see the Gym memberships sky rocket with the fly by night work out enthusiast, you know the ones. they start out gungho about getting into shop, or losing some of those extra pounds. Well hopefully we can stop some of that next year.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

still I'm sorry

Ok, I still have not had time to do any new research or post any new workouts but I say to everyone keep working hard and going strong. watch your calories, carbs, fat intact.... exercise as best you can for your time constrants but try and at least get 30 minutes in weather it walking briskly for 30 mins, or doing a light workout. It all HELPS.