Saturday, March 07, 2009

The Deal Has Be Done

Well we talked to a birth mother that called the agency yesterday and she is 8 months pregnant (due Next MONTH!). She is fully insured, wants nothing, she is 29, has 2 daughters (they are both very pretty) the father up and left her a few months back and she has been thinking about what to do, 3 family friends offered to adopt the baby and all 3 fell through. She kept saying to us she just wants to know it's going to a good safe home. She said when she called the agency told them her story, they asked her some questions and then sent her a packet with 50 birthmom letters in it. she said first she looked at the pictures of all 50 letters. then she read bits of most. she narrowed it down to 3 and we were one of those 3. She said she thought about it some more and she knew after reading our letter and seeing out website again that we were the ones. She told her whole family and said she was worried about them not approving the "gay" thing and wanted to know if she should choose one of the other couples but they all said NO, your first instinct was right, stick with that. Then she had her 7 yr old look at the pictures (she has explained the whole thing to her already) look at the pictures and asked her, do you think they will be good daddies for the baby, she said yes, then she said the 7 yr old read our whole letter and said YES they are perfect for the baby. We thought that was perfect, it sealed the whole thing.

We are so excited, we cannot believe this is happening. It is so wonderful. The mother is so worried that she does not want to change her mind she does not want to hold the baby afterwards, she wants it to go straight to us and if possible no contact afterwards. I kinda did not like that, I want her to KNOW her sisters, to see them and be part of their lives, so does Bobby, we also wanted more to send her pictures of the baby as it grows and so on, she says no. So we will wait and see.

I cannot wait to be a Father. Now we just have to get to number 2. We have not had a long wait, we went on the books with our agency just 3 weeks ago. they told us we were very popular and a lot of inquiries were asked about us. So we hope the second time around its the same. I am planning on when the baby is 8 months old starting this again.

we'll see.

Adoption Update

Well we have one heck of A week. We went live on the books at our agency 2 weeks ago today. We didn't expect much and plus you have to wait till the end of the month reports go out to see if any of your flyers went out to Birth Mothers. Well I took Monday and Tuesday for my B-Day and early Monday morning we got a call from a BM wanting to adopt out her 1 yr old. I guess she had been struggling with what to do and finally decided adoption was the best. She was very calm and relaxed and did not seem to a single worry or fear (usually the BM is nervous, you two are nervous also and calm each other down somehow. This chick was sprouting out laws and plans and how she wanted to come here to AZ for the adoption, we kept saying no, we want to come there. If we do the adoption in CA then both of our names go on the birth certificate so then we do not have to worry about the whole someone has to apply for legal guardian status and keep that updated every 6 months. We decided not to get attached at all, it seemed to flaky. We both insisted she call our agency and she kept making excuses not to, then said oh I called them but no one was there (it was 7am her time), so she called some of the east coast offices just to speak with someone and she says no one was there either. Well seemed fishy so we let it go, I called our agency as we are suppose to if a BM contacts us and not the agency, the person at the agency agreed it sounded fishy and I think she did not want us to get involved with it but just did not come right out and say it. I emailed the BM the next night since we had not heard from anyone told her we were still interested if she is and to keep us posted. She wrote back thing were still a go she just needed to legally make sure the father could not do anything to intervene. Who knows what that Drama is all about, sounded like the father does not know he has a kid and she's not gonna tell him, just adopt the kid out. Another day goes by and she sends this very cryptic message pretty much saying if we stick with her we had better be ready for a bumpy ride, and how she was sick of the whole process and she should just go to Canada or France to adopt her son out. FREEAAKKK, so Bobby wrote her back saying we were probably not the best match for her, and that was that. boo hoo

Today the agency called and pretty much said they didn't want to talk about her she is a special situation and they do not know how they are gonna handle her situation, but, another mother was looking at us and 2 other couples. She is 8 months along, had a sonogram at 5 months and everything was fine healthy baby, no drugs no smoking no drinking, AWESOME all the things we want. The father had left her recently and she has a 9 month old with him and she has one other kid. So she was nervous to call so she talked to the agency first and is going to call us sometime. We cannot wait, Guess if this one works out Bobby will of been right, he said it was gonna be a girl.

He is very excited, i'm holding off until we actually match with her. Heck if I can restrain, I'm holding off until we are on our way home with her.