Tuesday, January 20, 2009

On My Soap Box

Ok, Yes, I am very HAPPY that Barack Obama has just gone into office. Yes, I am hoping this "change" does come and is of some significant value. Yes, I do think his presidency (whether is sucks or not) is going to be very important for this country.

BUT, If I hear one, ONE MORE person go on about the first African American or Black president I am gonna start shooting up some @ssholes. What the heck is with people, does everyone have a ONE track MIND. Open your eyes, do the research, pay ATTENTION,

HE'S NOT BLACK! well technically. he is A person OF MIXED RACE, bi-racial. Now when we want that to be one thing it works? GIVE ME A BREAK. I mean I admit, I am of several, not 2 or 3 ethnic back grounds and it do put black/african american on forms cause it is easier than doing other and trying to explain, but if you ask me face to face, I will actually tell you all the things that make me a MUTT.

I do not know why it bugs me, but it does. People keep talking about this victory for the African American community! WHA! I didn't get my trophy, my check, or my new CAR. Why do I always miss out when the free stuff is being served up. CRAP.

Sorry, Now back to the celebration.....

Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Cardinals actually Did It

Ok, I love Football. I was all prepped to watch the Cardinals vs Eagles game and usually I can call a game within the first 40 minutes of watching (now, not 40 mintues of game play, just watching for 40 minutes, which could be like 12 minutes of actual game play, HA!) But, I'm not a fan of either team but being in AZ I have been cheering on the cards, and after the first 20 mins I said THEY ARE GONNA WIN.

Then, this is where I failed my own faith. After the half I had a funny feeling and said to myself for some reason the Eagles are gonna kick put right now, and rightly enough they did. The game went from 24 - 6 to 25 - 24 Eagles. I could not believe it. The cards were getting big headed at the end of the 1st qtr and I could see it pucking up the whole game. Well it was getting to where it was just a game in the air and I was on the edge of my seat and they made it 32 - 25. I cannot believe they got THIS far even. It's shocking.

Now Cardinals vs Steelers. If they win that would be the SHOCK of the decade.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Boreed Papa

Ever been so bored you do not know what to do. I have stolen from my every day activity and now I'm bored at the deep dark night time.... BoooHOOO

Monday, January 12, 2009

I did not post this here but did on meetgaycouples.com and meant to put it over here too. This is a meatloaf recipe I made in my head and tonight I kinda some of the stuff (it usually make 1.5 - 2 loafs), here is the recipe and i'll mark my changes or additions:

1lb ground pork
1lb ground italian sausage (used sweet turkey sausage)
2lb ground bison or buffalo (something lean, really lean Ostrich would work also. and YES ostrich does taste great!.
1c panko bread crumbs (I use panko over the regular bread crumbs, you'll notice the taste difference)
sweet onion (also added 1/2 cup red and green bell pepper, 3 tbsp sun dried tomato,1/3 C bella mushrooms)
I used to use what others like now I put in what I like
I used:
1tbsp tyme (omitted this time and used Italian Seasoning)
1/2 tbsp
salt pepper to taste (Used white pepper)
parsley about 1tbsp dry or half that fresh (Omitted)
2 tsp garlic minced
2 eggs beaten (used egg beaters about 1/3 c with 1tpsp both soy sauce and worchestershire sauce)

saute chopped onions bell peppers and mushrooms in skillet with 1tbsp olive oil till onions are just translucent, let cool.

mix this all together in a big bowl (for some change you could put a cheese like asiago, parmigiano-reggiano (one of my faves) and tomato paste.

put in a loaf pan or mold into a loaf.
bake at 375 for 35 minutes

whilst that is baking
in a saute pan bring 1 can (14oz - 16 oz) of diced tomatoes to a boil for 3 minutes on medium HI
1c red wine
add 1/4 cup brown sugar (changed to half cup packed)


If you have the patience, wait for the meatloaf to create some juices, put those juices in this mix. Brings the taste out MORE.

cook till reduced by half and is thick texture
after meat loaf cooks for 35 minutes put thickend tomato mixture over, cook another 25 minutes at 350. comes out moist and yummy and the topping rocks.

(I did put some thyme in the tomato mix also. plus seasoning with salt and pepper). [added dash of paprika]

NOTE: I constantly drain the residual liquid out, another great thing you can do for this is use those tin disposable loaf pans punch holes in the bottom and the after putting meat in set on wire rack inside a baking dish of your choosing, as long as it can retain the liquid and keep it out of the loaf pan.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

I am Gonna Go INSANE

Ok, I am watching this Sooners Gators game and i'm going crazy. Come on SOONERS, stop sucking. I guess I may have to eat those words near the end but right now i'm going crazy with anticipation. Florida is an awesome team, But I KNOW my OU boys can pull this off, just clamp down, dig in, run, pass, block and if necessary knock someone out.


Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Thing R a rolling

Well with the letter now up for review (and I have to say I think Bobby did such and AWESOME job on it. I am not being biased in any way (thing of the paint job in the nursery). He put a TON of effort and many hours into it. I am so proud of him. He's so great to have, Now I just need to convince him to paint some type of scenery on the walls. He is afraid it will not come out good. I had an idea of a tree and on it put our family lines starting from grand parents (for now) and then going to the last born child which will probably be ours since everyone else has been fixed.... Well except Kathleen. She might pop one out in surprise who knows. But I thought it would be cute. Lil birds on the trees, the names on leaves or some type of fruit on the tree. I am still debating over the floor, I do not want to leave the carpet in there, still would prefer to do wood, laminate or the linoleum type of wood floor we found recently, then put a big rug across it. easier to clean. Take rug outside once a month and beat, sweep rest of floor daily. simple. Oh and vacuum rug when sweeping floor. HA.

Oh well we have a lil bit of time to figure it out. I do want to get that room all done and the furniture in there before the end of the month though. Better to be ready and prepared than having to rush at the last minute.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

A New Year and New Fight

Well it's a new year and we have to beat off the FAT we gained from the Holidays. So starting tomorrow we are going back on the salad diet which we did in 07. The majority of our dinners will be some type of salad ( I hate salad for the most part so this is always loads of fun for me). I do other salads besides green, but we have to be calorie/fat and carb conscious. I have to make a HUGE push to make sure I am eating correctly. It is very rare I eat fast food, I do not really eat sweets, if we bake something I typically have once piece and that is it. But, yes the BIG proverbial b-u-t, I do not eat enough meals a day. A typical Saturday or Sunday or any day off of work I may on a good day have breakfast but usually not, and the only meal I eat is Dinner. This is EXTREMELY bad for you. I know it, I yell at myself about it but I just forget to eat. If Bobby goes out of town I will not eat sometimes for a day and a half or so. Alone in this house is a task in itself, feed the birds, feed the dogs (twice a day) chop up food for the tortoises and feed them, feed the fish, feed the Koi, take the dogs to play or they get antsy and restly. Take the dogs to poop every hour it seems like, keep up on your cleaning, or wash and all your other things you do in a typical day. Single parents---- YOU ROCK. Any person that thinks a stay at home parent is not a job is CRAZY. Just with our pets I get overwhelmed. Bobby has started going back to the gym and he's running more, he's been doing his pull ups and chin ups with his ironman gym he got for Xmas. So these are good starts. My back has not been as bad so I worked out yesterday and will today. I try and take it easy after working out. Old Bones. Bobby wants me to make him Chicken more often so i'll do that (no, I can't eat chicken, have a rare allergy to it), I'm going to go get more fruit today for the week and MAKE him eat more. Lately he has not been eating much fruit and it goes to waste. I have maybe a 2 bananas a week an apple or 2 and if we have grapes and ton of those. Oranges, too darn messy for work, I always have to get up and wash my hands after one. Pears I love. We'll keep track of pounds lost and gained and see where we are February 5th. Maybe I can lose 10 pounds by my birthday. That would be great, i'd be at the weight I was end of 07.

Friday, January 02, 2009

A Great New Years Day

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Well we had a wonderful New Years day with family. Every year we have a brunch here at our house, usually family sometimes a few friends (last year was 32 people). It was really small this year no one from my side could make it and I forgot to send out and invite/evite so didn't invite many friend (3 to be exact) because I figured many had probably made plans already so did not want anyone to feel any guilt. I cooked from tuesday - Thursday afternoon (I'll post my menu at the bottom). On Wednesday night I cooked from 5pm until 5:30 am. I was so darned tired. Yes there was a reason for that, if Bobby's Mom comes to our house she want to eat within an hour of getting there I guess so she can hurry and leave...LOL, but when we go to her house or any other family members house we have to wait 2 hours usually. So, I was trying to make sure I had as many dishes done as possibe so I could just heat them up the next day. That worked out great. We ate exactly 2 hours after everyone arrived, and yes after being there for 55minutes his Mom asked when are we eating UGH!

The kids all had a ton of fun and even played with the dogs (all the kids in Bobby's family are always afraid of our dogs. even when we had the shelties they were afraid of them too) But they took them on a hike with Bobby and his Dad and bro Dennis. They played and were so Loud I was laughing so hard.

Hope you all have a great New Year and all everyones wishes come true (mine of winning the lottery has to come true with 8 days...HA)

New Years Day Brunch

Main Dishes

Pork Roast in apple

Prime Rib Roast

Penne pasta and turkey sausage

Fudge Waffles

Blueberry Waffles

Texas French Toast

Double Cinnamon French Toast


Mac N Cheese 5 cheeses

Mac n Cheese 10 cheeses

Sweet Potato Hash


Sausage Links

Turkey sausage patties

Baked eggs and mushroom and ham crisp

Scrambled eggs n Cheese

Scrambled eggs mushroom/green onion/ cheese/



Lil smokies n bacon

Baked Dates w/chorizo prosciutto

Mini Quiches

Bloody Mary Soup




Bloody Mary’s

Orange juice

Apple Cider

Coffee Costa Rican & Mocha Java


pumpkin cheesecake