Sunday, January 04, 2009

A New Year and New Fight

Well it's a new year and we have to beat off the FAT we gained from the Holidays. So starting tomorrow we are going back on the salad diet which we did in 07. The majority of our dinners will be some type of salad ( I hate salad for the most part so this is always loads of fun for me). I do other salads besides green, but we have to be calorie/fat and carb conscious. I have to make a HUGE push to make sure I am eating correctly. It is very rare I eat fast food, I do not really eat sweets, if we bake something I typically have once piece and that is it. But, yes the BIG proverbial b-u-t, I do not eat enough meals a day. A typical Saturday or Sunday or any day off of work I may on a good day have breakfast but usually not, and the only meal I eat is Dinner. This is EXTREMELY bad for you. I know it, I yell at myself about it but I just forget to eat. If Bobby goes out of town I will not eat sometimes for a day and a half or so. Alone in this house is a task in itself, feed the birds, feed the dogs (twice a day) chop up food for the tortoises and feed them, feed the fish, feed the Koi, take the dogs to play or they get antsy and restly. Take the dogs to poop every hour it seems like, keep up on your cleaning, or wash and all your other things you do in a typical day. Single parents---- YOU ROCK. Any person that thinks a stay at home parent is not a job is CRAZY. Just with our pets I get overwhelmed. Bobby has started going back to the gym and he's running more, he's been doing his pull ups and chin ups with his ironman gym he got for Xmas. So these are good starts. My back has not been as bad so I worked out yesterday and will today. I try and take it easy after working out. Old Bones. Bobby wants me to make him Chicken more often so i'll do that (no, I can't eat chicken, have a rare allergy to it), I'm going to go get more fruit today for the week and MAKE him eat more. Lately he has not been eating much fruit and it goes to waste. I have maybe a 2 bananas a week an apple or 2 and if we have grapes and ton of those. Oranges, too darn messy for work, I always have to get up and wash my hands after one. Pears I love. We'll keep track of pounds lost and gained and see where we are February 5th. Maybe I can lose 10 pounds by my birthday. That would be great, i'd be at the weight I was end of 07.