Tuesday, January 20, 2009

On My Soap Box

Ok, Yes, I am very HAPPY that Barack Obama has just gone into office. Yes, I am hoping this "change" does come and is of some significant value. Yes, I do think his presidency (whether is sucks or not) is going to be very important for this country.

BUT, If I hear one, ONE MORE person go on about the first African American or Black president I am gonna start shooting up some @ssholes. What the heck is with people, does everyone have a ONE track MIND. Open your eyes, do the research, pay ATTENTION,

HE'S NOT BLACK! well technically. he is A person OF MIXED RACE, bi-racial. Now when we want that to be one thing it works? GIVE ME A BREAK. I mean I admit, I am of several, not 2 or 3 ethnic back grounds and it do put black/african american on forms cause it is easier than doing other and trying to explain, but if you ask me face to face, I will actually tell you all the things that make me a MUTT.

I do not know why it bugs me, but it does. People keep talking about this victory for the African American community! WHA! I didn't get my trophy, my check, or my new CAR. Why do I always miss out when the free stuff is being served up. CRAP.

Sorry, Now back to the celebration.....