Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Getting That Room Done

Well I have been working on the nursery ( and yes, not my blog... boohoo), I broke one box of the flooring by not lying the boxes correctly when they were delivered. One entire box of the panels were broken on one side, I was so ticked off. I could have finished the whole thing on Presidents Day, but, I jacked up. So, now I am waiting for the new box to arrive. I have been piddling around doing things, in there, I used bits of the broken pieces to finish the closet, I've been cutting the baseboards (yes I insisted on new baseboards in there). I am so excited we have gotten this far and soon, yeah I am saying soon, we'll be Dads.

Ok, I am drowning in this show on Tv RIGHT NOW, on the IFC channel call Indie Sex Extremes, IT IS SO FREAKY, but makes you think how WE as Americans view sex and sexuality and fetishism. NO, sorry I don't have any. It is freaky!

Bobby has had to go through SO much since his promotion and I know how "they" work (yes I, I got him his J-O-B-) there, and I think they are trying to burry him and get him fired. SO my plan, kick in the NUTS first (male or female) ask questions later. He is a good Manager and cares, he deserves to take the reignes and work with it. Yes, I guess I'm biast, but when we were both Managers, I learned a ton from him, his patience, and understanding and caring. I hope they see that. I hope.

OH, this WHOLE Blog was about me posting a pic of the floor in the nursery! HA.