Monday, July 27, 2009

Day Care started today

Well next week I start back to work and I've been wanting to put Sabrina in daycare for the past 2 weeks but something kept coming up. Everyone kept asking me did I want to put her in early to get her used to it, and I keep saying are you kidding, it's for me. I have spent most of my waking days with her since April 22nd and I just do not know how I am going to go to work, CONCENTRATE on work, and actually WORK. She was there for a long 5 hours which seemed like a long time, I went to the gym to get her off my mind, worked, till I left, then started worrying, so rushed home took a shower and we ran to get her. Man, for the first hour home she seemed like she did not know us or was mad at us, I felt so bad, but kept thinking sorry kid, get used to it. I wish it could be different but until we pay you off (HA) gotta work baby girl. BOO HOO. This is going to be a long long week. I am so worried about going back to work, I have missed so much and our dept procedures have changed a bit, I tried to keep up by going through emails, but then got lost and who knows what's going on, once again, oh well. I hope I can figure it out when I get back. I have this fear i'll get back then they will lay me off, since they have been laying people off these days.

Our girl is getting so big, but she is exhibiting the signs of teething and I'm not so happy at that. At 14 weeks, NOT fun.
She'll be walking early too no doubt at this rate. Geez. I need a drink, I wish, gotta watch my calorie intake. I have been sleeping horribly the past week. I have been having the most realistic dreams that just leave me tired when I wake up, I'm always helping to fight some evil, or save people from something bad and who knows what other kinda crap. When I first wake up I think what the hell! Then the whole dream just pops out of my head. I have been able to remember ALL of my dreams for most of my life, but these dreams lately, nope. Just interesting, I wish I could remember, I can't figure why they leave my so tired, but at night I STILL cannot fall asleep. We will see if starting back at the gym will make me tired, I was earlier, but I have been watching Unwrapped on foodnetwork and i'm just a bit too into it. I need to turn it off and try to hit the hay, which, I think I'll do.