Saturday, January 22, 2005

Now Time For My Tit Irate

Well as we all know the thing happened with Janet Jackson and the whole Super Bowl tit showing tangent. What the hell!! Even in this year alone they have shown a few instances where "white" actresses have had their boob come out and it was no big deal because "they didn't know". How can you NOT know your breast is being hit by the wind, that is out in the open. Even as a man I can feel the difference between cloth on my torso and no cloth. There is a major difference, let alone erect nipple syndrome ENS should give you a clue.

BUT why, why has everyone had this "fit" over JJ? Cause she's black? Cause she's a singer? Cause they don't' like her brother. Not fair no matter what. JJ has never done anything bad, she is sweet and nice and I think sincere (and yes I have met her once). I just don't get the whole thing no matter what the reason. Is it because it's a TIT? If so, then the tit showing should be the same, either yum yum, or... No cum.

It's just not that way though, What? What? It's just a fricken TITTY. A breast. It's beautiful, it's gorgeous. We should relish in that stuff. WHO COULD BE MAD. That tit was HOT! I just don't get it. If it's a kid's issue why don't we teach our kids that the human body isn't something disgusting and to cringe from it but to learn and understand from it, to cherish it and see it as a piece of art.

May never happen. But I can still speak my mind.
Until then, keep the lovely breast waying HIGH! and PROUD!

Getting Something Off My Chest

Ok, I finally have to have my say about this whole "gay" marriage thing. I don't really care how it goes one way or another, I do think gays deserve rights if they have invested with partner and have a home, investments, other dealings that could be easily lost in the event of the death of the other. BUT!! yes, that's one big BUT. I am tired of hearing people say "Marriage is a Sacred Institution" and all the other reasons why besides just saying they are prejudice.

Here are my reasons.
1. If marriage was so sacred why do people divorce at the drop of a hat
2. Why do so many couple "swing"
3. Why are so many couples affected by one or the other cheating
4. Why do so many spouses have secret same sex relationships when married
5. Why would a spouse even have online "cyber" sex to fullfill their fantasies
6. Why do so many men look at, read... Porn

Just something to think about. Before using the "SACRED" excuse let's all think in our
head what we really mean. We don't want those damn homo's having the same things we have, they are horrible and all should BURN IN HELL!.

HAHA. I'm crazy.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Awesome Soup Recipe

I found this great soup recipe that I have had for a while, not sure where I got it from though. But I was craving soup tonight (must be the flu thing) and decided I wanted to make some from scratch that was not difficult or time consuming and what I got is what follows.

Mexican Chicken Tortilla Soup
(I don't eat chicken so I substituted turkey breast)

Here is what you need:
2 tsp olive oil
1 lb skinless boneless chicken
breast, cut into 1 -inch pieces
2 cloves garlic
1 tsp dried oregano
1 minced chipotle chile in adobo
sauce, (from -7 oz can)
1 8 -oz can diced tomatoes
2 14 1/2 -oz cans reduced-sodium chicken broth 0r water
1 cup frozen corn
1/2 cup chopped fresh cilantro
4 cups baked tortilla chips (about 6-oz)

Here is how to Make it:
Heat the oil in a large stockpot over medium-high heat. Add the
chicken and garlic and cook for three, until the chicken (or turkey) is
browned on all sides, stirring frequently.

Add the oregano and stir to coat the chicken (or turkey). Stir in
the minced chipotle, tomatoes, broth and corn. Turn the heat to high
and bring mixture to a boil. Turn the heat to low, partially cover, and
simmer for 10, until the chicken is cooked through.

Remove the pan from heat and stir in the cilantro and one cup of the
tortilla chips.

To serve, place the remaining chips in the bottom of bowls and ladle souip over top.

Some notes: the chipotle chile can be found in the (ethnic aisle) this is one ingredient I would
not compromise on as it adds the flavor and gives it that wonderful mexican pizazz. Also now a days you can buy garlic already minced either in oil or water, I would buy just to cut some of
the time down in your cooking. Since I don't eat chicken I don't use chicken broth either so I
substituted Veggie broth, no one knew a thing. Also, if when using chicken or turkey cut as
much of the fat from the meat, the turkey is usually somewhat lean but chicken breast
can sometimes have lots of fat on it. Also the turkey may have "tendons" in it, cut that out
if you can.

good luck, It really is a great flavorful recipe.

tomorrow i'm making a cheaters version of chicken parmesan and friday sheppards pie. I am going to change that darn sheppard's pie recipe. It takes hours of prep time. (but man! it's so worth it.


Found one of my poems

Ok, this is one of my more weird poems, but wait till I get to the more exotic strange ones. HA! oh those had my friends rolling in the aisles. Well, here we go:

Title: Black Widow

Black Widow do you love your mate
or is it sex with him that you hate
when he injects you with his seed
will you make him then regret his need
and then will you devour him whole

Does this ritual have a need
or are you content to destroy your breed
and does his flesh suffice your needs
Did you close your mind to his pleas
or were you just dispensing of his pole

Black Wido this act as old as time
some feel that it is erotic and sublime
and hold the key to all our needs
plus helps to withdraw us from our greeds
Or do you just think it's gross

Black widow next time you eat your mate
think of your future children's fates
someday a widow miht eat them too
and if that does they will be a kin to you
so Black Widow be a little more thoughtful
next time you eat live your host.

By Gregg...

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Too Much To Ponder

Ok, in the middle of the night I woke with tons of stuff on my mind, and the flu kicking my ass. What's that all about?

I think something is realy wrong with me, no, not mentally. Thats a given. the last few months I think about sex ALL the time. I mean 38 isn't the end of the world and some men stay horny all their life but what i'm having is just obnoxious grossness. I think I want to have sex with everyone (well almost everyone) I come into contact with. I see girls that drive me wild, and guys that make me so damn horny, it's not only embarrissing to get caught staring at some chick, but to have her later catch you checking out her boyfriend and licking you lips... well that must have thrown her off.

Yesterday at the gym this one girl was wearing these super tight suede pants, oh man was she ever hot looking in them, I wanted to throw her on top of one of the machines and start licking her like candy. Five minutes after that two boys passed by and I wanted to drag them into the locker room and show them a thing or two. The whole day there was the same, and even driving home was bad. I saw a lady that must have been 60 and wanted to do it with her too. Must be some kind of emotional turmoil from being stuck in this house since the surgery. Well tomorrow i'm going out and we'll see what comes of that. The week before on wednesday I went out to BS West (On wednesday it 2 for 1 so all the college kids pack the place) I was hit on by about 4 guys, kept playing with these two chicks breast, and one I really wanted to get into her pants. Like I say, emotional turmoil. But, yes that inevitable but. I'm in my committed relationship and that keeps me steady. Well no it really doesn't. If I hadn't put on this weight since the surgery and I felt like this, i'd be out poppin every thing that walked into my web. I just feel like i'm at the none caring point, who gets that way? can't just be me. I want everything I want and a whole heck of a lot more. For the past 15 years it's been others and everyone else, and work, committment and any other socio neurotic problem that can fall on your shoulders to heep more crap on your hump. blah blah blah. i'm sick of it, and of whinning.

Think i'll go bake some cookies to go with that Ice Bream I made last night. Them maybe i'll work on a poem. something naughty. Maybe i'll just add one of my old ones.

hmm, ponder, ponder, ponder.

My Return to the Gym

Well that didn't go as bad as I thought it would. I did the eliptical runner for 28 minutes and then the stationary bike for 9 minutes. I also did a short bicep tricep workot. So far i'm in no pain so that is really good.

I'm gonna try again tomorrow.

Oh I made Vanilla Bean Ice Cream in the cusinart, I am not sure i'm gonna like that stuff, the recipe called for 5 eggs, it was 2 whole eggs and 3 yolks I thought that was so odd....
Eggs! Ice Cream! Just sounds totally wrong.

I went and bought a new bread maker today, we had a $50 credit at BBBY and with the 20% off coupon it was an awesome deal.

Oh well I'm gettn sleepy, it's been one hella long day.

think I'll write a poem tomorrow, just to show I DO have a heart. Somewhere or another


Monday, January 17, 2005

Heading to gym

Well it's been like 6 months since I worked out so I thought I would start off doing some cardio. I will post how this goes. I think i'm gonna get there get on the eliptical trainer for 5 minutes and my big ole arse is gonna nearly pass out.

we'll see.

Sunday 011605

Hell it's been one long *ss day. I have done everything possible today, clean house, workout, read, watch a movie, play with dogs (and how cute they are) send my friend pics of *ock just because he wanted to know what an uncut one looked like, cooked dinner, baked cookies.

Aahh, what a full day. I don't think Bobby liked me sending those pics out, but HEY! it wasn't anything nasty or dirty. so get over it. It's 72 days now our guest have been here and of course they are wearing on my nerves quite easily, especially that middle nephew (lil evil bastard is up to no good and I know it). But still I let them get away with murder as well as letting there father continue to be an outrageous asshole. That man is such a big mouthed blow hard, always yelling at the eldest son for nothing in particular, I think just to yell. I get so pissed and so does Bobby even. I know this will end up being a showdown, no bars held, boot stomping, glove pumping, long finger nail scrathcing fight.

Well i'm off to bed, I ate so much fricken food I am about to pop. Tonight I made chicken breast for the boys with 3 different seasonings on them. Made grilled shark for me and Bobby, also made Mac and Cheese ( from scrath of course which is my habit now because of Ms Cindy). I think tomorrow i'm gonna bake more cookies and either some lemon squares or some fudge. Something I have'nt done in a while. I still gots ta do something with thatprime rib roast, if only a special occassion was coming up. If only.

Oh, and I lost 4 pounds or so. Since that surgery in November the pounds are packing on fast. Real fast!