Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Found one of my poems

Ok, this is one of my more weird poems, but wait till I get to the more exotic strange ones. HA! oh those had my friends rolling in the aisles. Well, here we go:

Title: Black Widow

Black Widow do you love your mate
or is it sex with him that you hate
when he injects you with his seed
will you make him then regret his need
and then will you devour him whole

Does this ritual have a need
or are you content to destroy your breed
and does his flesh suffice your needs
Did you close your mind to his pleas
or were you just dispensing of his pole

Black Wido this act as old as time
some feel that it is erotic and sublime
and hold the key to all our needs
plus helps to withdraw us from our greeds
Or do you just think it's gross

Black widow next time you eat your mate
think of your future children's fates
someday a widow miht eat them too
and if that does they will be a kin to you
so Black Widow be a little more thoughtful
next time you eat live your host.

By Gregg...