Monday, January 17, 2005

Sunday 011605

Hell it's been one long *ss day. I have done everything possible today, clean house, workout, read, watch a movie, play with dogs (and how cute they are) send my friend pics of *ock just because he wanted to know what an uncut one looked like, cooked dinner, baked cookies.

Aahh, what a full day. I don't think Bobby liked me sending those pics out, but HEY! it wasn't anything nasty or dirty. so get over it. It's 72 days now our guest have been here and of course they are wearing on my nerves quite easily, especially that middle nephew (lil evil bastard is up to no good and I know it). But still I let them get away with murder as well as letting there father continue to be an outrageous asshole. That man is such a big mouthed blow hard, always yelling at the eldest son for nothing in particular, I think just to yell. I get so pissed and so does Bobby even. I know this will end up being a showdown, no bars held, boot stomping, glove pumping, long finger nail scrathcing fight.

Well i'm off to bed, I ate so much fricken food I am about to pop. Tonight I made chicken breast for the boys with 3 different seasonings on them. Made grilled shark for me and Bobby, also made Mac and Cheese ( from scrath of course which is my habit now because of Ms Cindy). I think tomorrow i'm gonna bake more cookies and either some lemon squares or some fudge. Something I have'nt done in a while. I still gots ta do something with thatprime rib roast, if only a special occassion was coming up. If only.

Oh, and I lost 4 pounds or so. Since that surgery in November the pounds are packing on fast. Real fast!