Thursday, October 20, 2005

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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

What Is Going On Here?

Well I am having a hell of a time these days reading the news. I cannot believe the state of our union. With all the whacky things that already go on, racism, sexism, prejudice of every assortment you can imagine. We have to have our government going to all time lows. Delay was bad enough, then the stuff with Rove and even the Vice President. What the hell. PEOPLE get a CLUE. You have to hear all this crap daily about minorities and gays that are this or that (and those are not good this or thats) How can you sit there and judge anyone when you KNOW in your thick noggin that you are a bad bad person that needs to be thrown over someones knee and spanked till you cry kosher salt tears. Tell me what is going on with people. Corporations are becoming more crooked than ever, these guys do not even care so much these days as fighting unsruppulusly to keep their company on top, they are out for themselves. Big salary for me, *uck my dedicated employees. I cannot see how we can't get some type of control over EVERYONE. I just don't see why I can't be the Emporer. It would make things so much simplier.

Well also we still have not gotten any where with doing anything about this house. We decided to do a refi for now and pay off some bills. This actually affords us to pay off ALL our bills which is AWESOME! But we are going to fix anything wrong witht he house now, and if the realtor thinks we should do anything else like replace the carpet I think we'll just tile. I do not think a professional cleaning of this light colored carpet is going to make a big difference. Oh well. I'll write something a bit more interesting tomorrow.