Saturday, April 25, 2009

I have not posted as much with enough info since Sabrina's birth but since I'm still the one that does the cooking, cleaning, shopping... It's a bit more difficult for me to always stop when something pops into my mind. Guess at this point I better get used to it and learn to prioritize better. Well, we JUST had our first scare. We have gotten pretty good at recognizing her cries, hungry, poop/pee in diaper, annoyed and wants to be held... but she was crying like hysterical crying about and hour after I had fed her. She was feeling warm and just screaming, we were both freaking out, nothing would calm her down. Bobby had her while I was eating so I took her so he could eat. I looked down and noticed the cord clamp was gone ran to the pack n play and it was in there. Well it was no shock it came off but they kept telling us 2 - 4 weeks so with the crying the Daddy freaking out insued. We called the hospital where she was born and talk to the pediatric nurse on staff, She told us not to worry some babies have theirs fall off early and to just not worry and check it for puss. Well while Bobby was talking to them I was preparing a bottle, I fed her and right when I put the bottle in her mouth she went to sleep. We looked at each other and felt a tad bit silly. She slept really well last night and only had one feeding, I tried to feed her once and she took about 1% of the bottle so I could not sleep all night thinking is she ok. Guess we need to get used to this. We just started reading this book Baby Wise by Gary Ezzo, M.A. and Robert Bucknam, M.D. and it has received a ton of praise from people that have read it. It teaches you to get your baby on a schedule and keep it on one. To the point that your baby sleeps through the night. WHAT, I've always been told to feed your baby even throughout the night. There are several theories people use, 1. the scheduling where they schedule each feeding and try to stay on that same schedule, 2. the "baby knows best" method where when the baby cries weather it's hungry or not you feed the baby, (I don't like that at all). There are a variety of these two that have been mixed and matched to make an aggressive and and passive version of the two in a sort of mix. But this book supposedly had a great solution and I think I'm going to like it. After seeing some other kids that have a rough time during infancy and then later on in the toddler years. I will post more on the book as I read it, and give an objective opinion on what I think and if it will help us and Sabrina. I am hoping it is a vital solution to a happy child. Gregg...

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I can't wait to get our little Girl with us finally. I am SO tired and not even from her. Running around all day back and forth around Cali can tire a person out. I felt like we did nothing yesterday. We barely spent any time with her trying to get the the hotel room ready, with her pack and play, her rocker chair. This way when we bring her back today it's all about her not unpacking, or going to get supplies, nothing. Just taking care of our Sabrina. I am still so grateful and happy that everyone is so supportive and family is so happy.

Except for a few minor things this has been the best experience. I don't even care about the minor things at this point, I am happy she is healthy and well, she responds to us very well, she is a good sleeper and just so adorable.

Now just can't wait to actually get her HOME, to her room and our family will be complete when we get the boys home to meet their girl. And yes, We miss our boys so much right now too. I even miss our house and I am not that fond of it at this point.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

I can't BELIEVE it, Sabrina is FINALLY born. We could not leave to go watch her be born because the Mother started going into labor and called us at 9:18 pm and we could not take the Boys (Ripley and Chase) to the pet hotel because they stop taking in pets at 9pm. We are so excited. It's kinda hard to concentrate, we have a long drive, a lot of work and tons of surprises I am sure. The mother sent us a message this morning saying she is just a Doll.

Here is part of the message from the Mother last night:
Your new daughter was born 4/18 at 11:15 pm last night. I have finally
been transfered down to my room after they had to monitor my blood
pressure for last few hours. Im in room 1045 and she is just a doll.
Hope you get here safely and see you soon.

I cannot WAIT to hold her, I can deal with the crying, the long nights and anything else as long as she's healthy and well and we bring her home. This is the BEST day (until #2 is born, HA then we will have TWO best days).

Again, this is SO exciting, so spectacular


Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Yes I've been neglectful of you my Blog, I'm Sorry

Ok, I've been spending the last couple of weeks on taking these courses on writing that I singed up for almost 2 years ago but never went through, so now that I may get a little time off I want to start studying up so that maybe I can get some short stories written and published in journals. I'll try. But, more important NEWS. The mother is getting along fine right now. We did have some due date flip flop issues which just made the WHOLE wait game worse. Everyone says be patient, and for the most part I really believe we are, but when ALL you want is that little one in your arms, in your home, with you, for you to love, to protect to shower and spoil with all the things you possibly can (before they become teenagers and bankrupt you) it's HARD. Everyone gets upset because I have not gotten all excited and out of control yet but it is because until she's in our home, not there waiting to cross state lines, or driving, not till she is in HER home, will I be happy. I mean I know, I KNOW when I hold her my heart will just melt away, I'll succumb to being the Dad that spoils, I spoil the nieces and nephews, so why not. But yes, it's still difficult to sit and wait. Last couple of weeks we noticed we were doing a bunch of nervous cleaning and we read somewhere this weekend that a lot of expecting mothers do that, that was pretty funny. Now to get back to cleaning up, yes We are cleaning again, just in case she calls in the next couple of days before our usual weekend cleaning. I think Bobby is going to finally win a battle, he wanted to get a cleaning service after she was born and I thought what a waste, buuuuttttt maybe for a little while.