Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I can't wait to get our little Girl with us finally. I am SO tired and not even from her. Running around all day back and forth around Cali can tire a person out. I felt like we did nothing yesterday. We barely spent any time with her trying to get the the hotel room ready, with her pack and play, her rocker chair. This way when we bring her back today it's all about her not unpacking, or going to get supplies, nothing. Just taking care of our Sabrina. I am still so grateful and happy that everyone is so supportive and family is so happy.

Except for a few minor things this has been the best experience. I don't even care about the minor things at this point, I am happy she is healthy and well, she responds to us very well, she is a good sleeper and just so adorable.

Now just can't wait to actually get her HOME, to her room and our family will be complete when we get the boys home to meet their girl. And yes, We miss our boys so much right now too. I even miss our house and I am not that fond of it at this point.