Friday, February 27, 2009

How I Got Into Trouble

Well I did it again. I'm always up to some kind of shenanigans or another. I didn't think I was going to get anything good for Christmas so when I got my bonus on the December 20th I bought myself an Xbox 360. Well usually any big purchases unless they are gifts to the other person we discuss. I knew he'd say no, my bonus was more than I thought so I kinda thought, "hey, I deserve this'. I actually ALWAYS think that. Well I got it and then felt incredibly guilty so I kept it hidden, I would play it then hide. I kept asking people at work how I should bring it out. I just kept thinking no matter what I've done it, I had NO intention on taking it back and yes I really did feel the guilt, so what to do. Easy, get caught. That always works out so much better. I had planned to pull it out on my birthday anyway but missed by a couple of days. He was in the nursery and looking through these cubbies we have in the closet trying to figure stuff we could through away and low and behold what does he find, an Xbox. So I know he is not too happy with me right now. Guess I'll have to be nice to him for a week or so. Hmmm that would be very hard. I told him I will not do that ever again, the guilt was bad enough so I don't think I will. But, now we can play Xbox 360 or Wii or Xbox. We have got it MADE. Thats my reasoning kicking in I think, we always have something to do now!

Good Grief Gregg....

Oh and my punishment, I have been in so much pain these last two or three days and yesterday finishing the floor in the nursery just topped it off. I am DYING of pain today. I have taken a ton of meds and it's doing nothing.


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ok, I thought I was gonna get back on the blogging path, but alas I am dying of tiredness. I could not fall asleep until after 1:30am last night and of course as usual got up at 4:40. I am dying. I am trying to work on some "work" stuff but I keep drifting off so I am not getting very far with it. So I am going to give up and just go to bed, seems to be the safer strategy. And of course Wii is down there playing his came and it's loud as all outdoors. UGH. But he deserves to enjoy, so i'll keep quiet. When I lay my head down i'm sure i'm going right UNDER in a few minutes. I rarely do that but I can feel it tonight.

Hope everyone had a great day and an Even BETTER day Tomorrow.


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Doing Floors

I cannot believe I did ALL that and said that and still forgot the darn PIC. HA.

Getting That Room Done

Well I have been working on the nursery ( and yes, not my blog... boohoo), I broke one box of the flooring by not lying the boxes correctly when they were delivered. One entire box of the panels were broken on one side, I was so ticked off. I could have finished the whole thing on Presidents Day, but, I jacked up. So, now I am waiting for the new box to arrive. I have been piddling around doing things, in there, I used bits of the broken pieces to finish the closet, I've been cutting the baseboards (yes I insisted on new baseboards in there). I am so excited we have gotten this far and soon, yeah I am saying soon, we'll be Dads.

Ok, I am drowning in this show on Tv RIGHT NOW, on the IFC channel call Indie Sex Extremes, IT IS SO FREAKY, but makes you think how WE as Americans view sex and sexuality and fetishism. NO, sorry I don't have any. It is freaky!

Bobby has had to go through SO much since his promotion and I know how "they" work (yes I, I got him his J-O-B-) there, and I think they are trying to burry him and get him fired. SO my plan, kick in the NUTS first (male or female) ask questions later. He is a good Manager and cares, he deserves to take the reignes and work with it. Yes, I guess I'm biast, but when we were both Managers, I learned a ton from him, his patience, and understanding and caring. I hope they see that. I hope.

OH, this WHOLE Blog was about me posting a pic of the floor in the nursery! HA.