Saturday, June 06, 2009

Happy Birthday Ripley

Well Today is Ripley's 3rd birthday (aka, Ripley Ann-Margaret). I wanted to take this opportunity to say some nice things about my boy. Ripley has been with us since he was 6 weeks old. He has always been a good boy (he had a bit of a bad spell, about a month or two) But like most Labs he is loyal and fun. He is very protective of Sabrina, if someone comes over and picks her up he will box them in until they can't move then sit on their foot. Or, He sits in front of her rocking chair shen she's in it and watches her. It's funny everyone was worried but we knew labs and had no concerns, we actully make sure they know she is the ALPHA Mama. The boys always want to be around her and watch her constantly.

Ripley was born on 6/6/2006, YES 666. I used to dream he turned into some devil dog and ate us at night. He's too good for that, he's such a Daddy's boy. Today Bobby took them to Cosmo dog park for some swimming and funnin. They love that. Later today we are going to go get him a cake for his Birthday, we already have Frosty Paws for the 2 of them. I was going to make a cake for him, but I have too much to do today for a family event tomorrow and can't squeeze it in.

Oh well, Doesn't mean I do not love you Rippers, You are a wonderful boy and we are so HAPPY you are ours.

Happy Birthday Ripley Ann-Margaret Garland.