Thursday, February 03, 2005

Still Catching Up

I still need to catch up but i'm just on a track for today. ( i'm having Kentucky Straight Mash) look it up.

That new(er) version of "The Shinning" is on. MAN IT'S HORRID. I like Steven Weber, I don't know for sure who the lady is but she's HOT (Oh wait, I think it's Rebecca D. daughter of Wally). That movie just blows,

I have been trying to be nice to the nephews because they think I am the MEAN, EVIL Uncle from HELL. Well, maybe I am, or maybe I just don't want them to grow up being the lazy bums they exhibit signs of being now. What is an Uncle to do. They are good boys but just like to sit on their bums and watch TV or play video games. I wouldn't let them watch TV today because last night they didn't do the things they are supposed to (take baths, get clothes ready for next day, clean up mess from dinning room table....) but i'm in no frame of mind to just be easy and let them get away with murder. I think young kids need some direction, some rules.

HEHEHE, Crap I sound like my parents and I don't have kids even.

Oh well. I need to go to bed now because some freak is staring over my shoulder and reading what I am writing and breaking my concentration.

Or just annoying me. I'll go for that one.