Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sabrina Takes the Cake

It has been one full week since the First Birthday debacle and she finally feels well enough to eat her cake, so we put a candle on it today sang to her (which she loved) and we had cake.  It was hilarious at first because she didn't know what to do with it,  We were trying to get her to just rip into it but she would only put her mouth on it and stare at us.  She seemed to like cake. 

This was one WILD week.  It started with the sickness from the ear infection, now we think she has an allergy to cows milk, she has a bad bout of eczema on her back and cheeks, and throws up from it, So no more weening from formula to milk for now.  She also does not like her milk from a sippy cup and the daycare wants her to have it that way, OH WELL again, to bad, she will not drink it that way, she sips it, then abandons the whole thing, if you then put it in a bottle she drinks it down till it's gone. 

The next item, we have had a horrid beginning of separation anxiety, you parents know what fun that is.  Everyone has been shocked because she's the kid that just LOVES to go to everyone.  She did not want to be out of our arms thursday - yesterday.  Today, she is her old self again.  She always just bounces back quickly and gets on with life.  I just LOVE that kid.  I know she is gonna be a bad ass as a young adult and into adulthood, (excuse my use of the "A" word).  But I truly believe she'll accomplish anything she sets out to do.

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