Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Well here I go again

well it's like here today gone tomorrow. I keep saying i'm going to start catching up. but with working (for 3 weeks) and looking for a new job. Now both of my puppies are sick and one we are going to have to put down. He is such a sweet boy and I don't want to do it because he is so full of life but we don't have a choice. he lost a hind leg and now he is about to lose a front. of course opposite ends. This really sucks. but we've been going through this for a month now and I am feeling stronger about this. Ever had to put a pet down? What's it like? I have never done it before not even with childhood pets. My BF is mad. I want the ashes afterwards, he thinks it's morbid, I think I don't want to let my puppy go yet.