Tuesday, June 03, 2008

The Facts Stir Around

Lately I have been getting agitated by the alarming trends in gay/lesbian opposition to things like marriage and adoption. I have tried to logically figure out how an argument could come out of that. The Divorce rate right now is at 50%, that is an unprecedented number and believable to most who hear it. I cannot believe friends, family members, acquaintances and even strangers talking about their divorce. Usually only after a few years of marriage even. Then the ones that stayed in marriages for 1. the kids, 2. what could they do 3. it was expected 4. I'd be alone 5. I'll never find anyone else so why leave 6. society will look down on me (not so much these days) 7. I'm sure we can make it work 8. I'm not going to let them win by giving them (the other half) a divorce 9. I was never in love, just wanted marriage 10. Gay/Lesbian.

WTF. Those are actually things i've been told before. How can Gays ruin marriage for anyone when people seem to ruin it for themselves. If So many did not worry what the other person was doing they'd probably have a better chance
or wrangling some happiness for themselves. how do you do that, the blame game I mean. Even being gay I could never say I am unhappy because all those breeders (just teasing) are mean to me. I can always stand up for myself and get through any hardship that comes my way. I can't blame anyone else for my predicaments besides myself. My choices. If I don't like straights being married then I guess I won't marry someone of the opposite sex, would I. And that would be that.

Come On People. Give a humanity a chance. Take all the energy used for hatred and bigotry and use it for something worth while. like fighting these high gas prices, corruption in government, unemployment, sending American jobs overseas, stupidity, education... There is a list of things we could all expend more energy on, even those that aren't bigoted or racist or prejudiced.

And no, I won't be preaching love love love, holding hands and hugging. I can do without that crap.

HA, take care.