Sunday, June 01, 2008

The "NOT" Heart Attack

I will have to go into further detail someday on this story but it was a hoot. was having some chest pain
went to the Doctor to make sure it was nothing. I kept saying, "it's just stress I am sure it is just stress". With the
adoption going on and tons of things at work and just basic every day survival I just knew gut instinct that it was stress.

Well after getting hauled to the emergency room and made to stay in ER recovery for at least 24 hours I sill do not know
if I was right or not. Nothing, zip, nadda. No information was passed on what so ever and at this POINT. I just do not care. I was so stressed because they kept saying it might be a mild heartattack that I would cause my blood pressure to
sky rocket. Now that I have just stopped caring... It is back to normal, I am back to the gym and I do have occasional burst of pain in the chest but they kept saying "wow, you are one of the healhtiest people we've seen in ages.

So I'll continue my life. I was only drinking on Friday and Saturday night (but like 3 or 4 strong drinks) and maybe wine on Sunday's with dinner. I have given that up. Gone back to doing more cardio. I had stopped for a while because it tired me out and caused my back to hurt but I just do not care anymore. I am certainly not going to let a heart problem take me down.