Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Another Year Another Year Backwards

Well Yesterday was 44 and I spent the day doing my and Sabrina's laundry.  Cleaning and worrying about our upcoming trip to Cali.  No, I'm not at all worried about the court proceeding or anything to do with the Adoption.  It's the whole going to Kia's mothers house for lunch.  You just never know what to expect.  I'd hate to do anything disrespectful of her or her family.  Kia is such a nice lady and we would do anything for her but, this whole thing does have a nervous aspect.   When it's a restaurant everyone knows there is a point where you just get up and leave. Say your good byes, go your seperate ways and it's all done.  In someones HOUSE, they have more control and it's easier to manipulate the situation to your needs.  Guess it's just Grandma jitters.

Can't wait till I'm 156.  I bet I will not have any JITTERs then.  I'll be more like the NY mean curmudgeon neighbor "GET OFF MY LAWN you damn yuppies with you kids, didn't you ALL die in the 2050's!  HA.  I'm gonna love my robotic innards, (yes, this is a WHOLE different post).

I hope we get to see our Cali friends and family when we are home, it is the one thing I think we both HATE about being away.  We love the coast and loved living in Cali, but our friends, we miss SO MUCH.  I'm not so sure we have ties so close these days.  I hope in my head we do. ( Kim and Gerry are such great friends, I'm so glad we found them!) Can't WAIT till they have their kid ( I"m hoping we have a Son by then, Yeah I said it). Ok I'm going to bed, when a post crosses 2 days it's bad


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