Monday, February 15, 2010

It's a New ZOO Revue

Ok, not coining the old "corny show" Newzoorevue  
BUT, we had our FIRST family Zoo day and it was fun.  Kinda sad cause our girl was tired the first 30 or 40 minutes there, she had a short nap in the car.  Then she got to feed the Giraffes and see some monkey's close up and she kinda perked up from that.  Well it cost 8 billion dollars to go into the zoo on a one day pass and 80 bucks for a year long family pass. so we opted for the family pass.  Even if we only go 2 more times it is a saving of a GINORMOUS amount.  

We had so much fun as a family and for a first trip to the zoo it turned out perfect, The park was PACKED, we had several people tell us how cute or beautiful she was and that just makes your heart SWELL.  Proud parents, that is what we are.  Our girl is smart, active, cute and resourceful, who could ask for more.  She will Totally make it in the world.
Also, why do I always look like the GROUCH that stole valentines day in pics.  I look mean as hell in my pic,  Plus, those Lions were LAZY!



Rhonda and Gerry W said...

Is that the Phoenix Zoo? We were thinking of getting an annual pass too! We LOVE the zoo! Can't believe how big S is getting!!!!

Gregg said...

yep, it's the zoo. It was interesting and Fun. So we did do the membership thing, it was cheaper then a one day visit for us. How is Young Master Blaze doing these days. Do we get to see you 3 at all?

Anonymous said...

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