Saturday, February 13, 2010

Beef Tenderloin dinner

I prepared this beef tenderloin last night for dinner and it was superb!  I was having a really difficult time trying to think of what to make for dinner, I had some steaks, a pork tenderloin, pasta and the beef tenderloin.   We don't eat a lot of red meat and I try to only have it every other week ( no not cause it's bad for you, but my crappy digestive system has a hard time digesting it).  So I did a search for the pork tenderloin and didn't like any of those recipes, didn't really want pasta, I'm not a huge fan, so searched for the beef tenderloin.  WOW, this recipe is simple and it rocks!  Talk about a beautiful piece of meat it was just divine, simple and so tasteful.

With this I made mashed potatoes that I put through a ricer (if you do not know what a ricer  check out the link)  I added fresh rosemary to the potatoes along with the usual salt and pepper plus I used heavy cream instead of milk to give them more body.  but here is the star of the show, the beef tenderloin.  I would try this if I were you, like I said, it was simple and pretty quick.

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Bobby said...

It was delicious! Just like you baby.