Sunday, June 06, 2010

A Long Week for a Holiday

We SO enjoyed that short week.  I cannot wait for the next holiday, (July 4th)  I am trying not to use any vacation days so that they can be put towards family vacation days.  Bobby has some astronomical amount of vacation hours so he took a week off last week, got a bunch of stuff done around the house, we went to his folks house for Memorial Day and had a great time, Sabrina got in the pool with all the kids and loved it.

Today is day 1 of my week for making her food for the week.  So I need to come up with some before I go to the gym.  We on the other hand are having Mongolian Pork chops and I cannot wait.  I made the marinade last night and put the chops in (DELICIOUS).  We will see how they come out, I know I'm making baby carrots with that but not sure what else.  I think i'll make bread too if I have time.  Sabrina's meals are so easy, BUT, they require SO much chopping that it takes forever.  At this stage in her life I do not want much of her food pureed, more chunky so she bites into it.  She needs oatmeal for her breakfast which is quick and easy.  I just make enough for 4 days and it's usually just oatmeal, milk, grated apple or mashed banana and a dried fruit I mince up like fig or apricot even prunes (gotta keep her regular).   I'll post after dinner on how the Mongolian pork chops came out.

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Jimh. said...

Mongolian Pork Chops! That sounds many times better than what we might be having...haven't decided yet, but I've been cleaning out the shed, so it probably won't be spectacular...nothing compared to Mongolian Pork Chops!