Monday, June 07, 2010

The Mongolian Pork Chops

I think the chops came out very good.  Bobby said he really enjoyed them.  My baby carrots did have a bit of a problem I left them in the oven to keep them warm after they were done and they were a tab bit sticky as they had maple syrup in them.  I forgot about bread until I was almost done cooking, UGH, I hate when I do that.

Well now I have to get back to my bread machine disaster.  We were talking about this pizza bread we used to make with cheese and pepperoni in it so I decided to make it for him tonight.  I think I must have dozed off or something because it's got way too much yeast in it.  It's like a Lucy moment, the top is about to lift off the bread machine that is how huge it is.

So it ended up being Mongolian Pork Chops, candied baby carrots and Medeterranian couscous and a Malbec.

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Michelle said...

Those chops sound great!