Sunday, August 08, 2010

Wow I didn't notice I had been away so LONG

Been busy lately.
We started a Cleanse on 8/02 and it last till 08/22.  The first week of this has been so rough.  It starts with you can only--- ONLY east fruits and vegetables for the first 10 days, no caffeine or juices.  So herbal tea is good, and water, they give you recipes for a few other drinks to make and for a few meals also.   Did you know it is DIFFICULT to make recipes out of JUST vegetables.  I tried going to vegetarian sites and most have noodles or rice in them (which no, we cannot have) so I can't use these.  A few of the Vegan sites I looked at also were difficult to do.  I have had to use my brain (OUCH THIS HURTS) to come with some recipes so we are not JUST eating simple things like broccoli, cauliflower or corn, But dishes.  I thought I was being so clever when I purchased a spaghetti squash and kept thinking what to do with it.  I remember oh they peel apart like stands of noodles if you bake them so i'll make a spaghetti out of it.  Then someone at work told me her Vegan sister has been doing that.  CRAP!  I thought I was so clever.  But it was good, the sauce came out pretty good considering I just winged it.  I could not find a sauce that looked right.  We can use canned veggies with no sugar plus a few other no's so I got around all that and came up with a sauce. 

Yesterday we had a take on Moussaka I found and had to tweak a bit also.  It was very good I think (should have taken a photo).  Tonight I am making a Zucchini style lasagna.   We will see how that comes out.  I have been thinking about how I want to do it for the past 4 days and I am starting to get it down good in my head.  I also found online a vegetarian chili recipe, nothing but veggies so I'm going to make that tomorrow. 

On day 11 we can have fish (some fish) and we can have organic turkey, chicken or red meat ever other day. So I think i'm going to stick with just some fish, salmon and tilapia and the chicken for Bobby and Turkey for me.  I think the first 10 days are so hard because you are supposed to be ingesting protein shakes also, but I HATE protein shakes, but if -- IF I am going to work out I will drink them.  So I worked out 4 days last week, and we will see how this week goes.  I has left me pretty drained and tired.  I still have not got my strength back and last workout was Thursday.  It's pretty cool cause I dropped 9.5 pounds this week and I Think Bobby did 8 or 9.  I expect to put half of it back on if I go back to just eating willy nilly. But I didn't eat too bad before, my LACK of meals kills me.  I have to learn to eat more a day, especially on weekends.  Most weekends I forget to eat and just have dinner, NOT GOOD people.  Very bad, body stores the fat and you retain it.  I just get busy and forget.  I still am not eating enough through the week or drinking enough water, but I'm trying harder now.   I plan on if we have a bad day like say we have pizza one night, for the next 2 days after we will eat like this cleanse dictates, fruits and veggies workout workout.  I am hoping it keeps weight off till the wedding in NY come October.  I need to fit into my suit.  or sew 2 of them together and make one big suit.


Michelle said...

Ooooh, please share the vegetarian chili recipe if it comes out good. I love chili, and I love veggies.

Anonymous said...

Nice brief and this fill someone in on helped me alot in my college assignement. Thank you on your information.