Saturday, December 25, 2010

One More Day

The Excitement is mounting here at our house, Well for Bobby and I. It's Sabrina's second Christmas and she's much more aware now (just enough, I bought most of her gifts while she was with me, and it didn't seem to make a difference. We did not go to over board (you parents know it's hard at this point not to), but she did get a TON of clothes, and that's just from us and my Mom. But Everything is good and we got through another year, Next birthday #2. HOPEFULLY she will be all well for that one. She still as 3 incisors that need to come in, so lets cross fingers they are done by then. We want CAKE!!

Well have to go finish making my Mac n Cheese we are taking for the Christmas dinner. Man that mac n cheese is good, but it's a PAIN to make. I'll post a pic, there is a 10 cheese one and 6 cheese. Everyone loves them.

Merry Christmas Everyone.


Rhonda and Gerry W said...

YES, still waiting for that AWESOME mac and cheese you keep tempting me with.

Happy Holidays!

fightpilotswife said...

Beautiful tree! And now we need the recipes for said mac and cheeses! ;)