Thursday, December 30, 2010

That time of year, Again

Yes! It's almost New Years day and I cannot WAIT. No, not for 2011 itself, but for our annual brunch. We had to cancel it last year as it's a huge expense and after the adoption and Christmas it just would not fit into out budget. We are back in action this year and I hope never, EVER have to miss it again.

I have not been so EXCITED about cooking in ages. Even for Thanksgiving I was dreading cooking. My menu is all ready, My check list of what to cook what day, what time and what to freeze, store, needs early prep, needs chopping early.... All on the list. I am hoping the list keeps me inline and on track. I tend to go on tangents (don't say IT Bobby!) Today I am prepping bread for french toast, it's best to slice your bread, let it sit out over night on a wire rack to get hard, then dip in your egg mixture, it absorbs better and holds its shape. I am also doing the Banana split cheesecake today, 2 things of hummus, and some prep work. Tomorrow is finish french toast, make cake pops and pie pops (that's right! CAKE AND PIE POPS, I ROCK!) and tomorrows i'll rap my lil weenies in bacon to prep for cooking Sat morning.

But, here is what is on the food menu:
French toast
Cinnamon rolls and Raspberry sweet rolls
Egg n a Basket (it's slices of black forest ham in a sm muffin pan with an egg baked in it, there is other stuff in there too...)
Biscuits n Gravy
Salmon w/dill (very good with scrambled eggs)
potatoes O'Brien
Meat Balls (maybe) more of an appetizer
Deviled eggs
lil weenies wrapped in bacon
fruit salad
Turkey (yes a turkey, I LOVE turkey had to have an excuse to make one)
Sweet potato hash (yummy!)
cake pops
and pie pops

If I can find a decent prime rib roast... that too. maybe.

Bob's Mom will keep saying why so much food, but usually only the desserts are left. Everyone is filled on everything else by dessert time.

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Rhonda and Gerry W said...

REALLY!?!....I am making Gerry go JUST so he can bring me a doggy bag! Man this work thing totally sucks. My mouth is watering just from the list. :(