Monday, September 11, 2006

I'm Back

Weekend Fun:

Well camping was Great! had a really good time, the only draw was my back went out on me too often and I ended up having to keep myself drugged up to keep the pain down.


Since Bobby has to start his training for the marathon I'm going to get us back to our healthy meals we have missed for the past month. I'll post some recipes and if I have all the nutritional info I will post that too. Most of the nutritional things I cook have good taste, they aren't bland and blah.


I am SO DAMN EXCITED that football season is here. Since we didn't get back till almost 6 and then had to empty the truck I only got to see the Colts v Giants game. Good game I just expected a bit more of a fight from Eli and the boys I guess. If anyone watched any other key games let me know what you thought.


Well I am still looking for a job, I have not heard back from some of the places I applied to last week. I was hoping to come home Sunday and at least have some interviews planned, oh well. Hopefully something soon.